Comment Waypoint répond au covid-19 (en anglais)
Comment Waypoint répond au covid-19 (en anglais)
Posted on 06/11/2020

How Waypoint is responding to COVID-19


Infection Prevention and Control - COVID-19
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Understanding the COVID-19 virus

The hospital has a well established Infection Prevention and Control team with experience in successfully managing outbreaks. We have many safety precautions in place including:
  * suspension of visits with some exceptions
  * screening everyone for symptoms of illness
  * isolating and testing all new admissions
  * using virtual technology and telephone for outpatient and community
  * adhering to public health directives and recommendations on use of
     personal protective equipment, hand hygiene, and physical distancing
  * additional housekeeping throughout our buildings
  * creation of a dedicated unit to care for suspect or positive cases of
  * enabling staff to work from home to reduce the traffic in and out of
     the hospital
  * regular communications with staff, patients, families, stakeholders,
     partners and donors

Waypoint is also working in collaboration with GBGH

Isolation Unit Team in PPE
 The team ready to care for patients in the Isolation Unit

and CHIGAMIK to operate the local COVID-19 Assessment Centre.

The hospital is following the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s Directive #5 related to personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as Directive #3 on our senior’s program which is specific to long-term care. 

All clinical staff are wearing masks to prevent transmission from staff to patients while full PPE is worn by staff in our senior’s program, ECT suite and for new admissions, symptomatic patients, and in the eventuality we have confirmed cases. 

Our supplies are being monitored daily and we must report our inventory to the province each day. Similar to all hospitals in the province, our practices take into consideration procurement and utilization based on government directives and conserving supplies to meet the needs of the hospital during this time of uncertainty.

We have also considered that our hospital operations do not include an emergency department or walk in services such as diagnostic imaging and we have been able to utilize bed spacing and physical distancing with patients and staff. 

Staff receive regular training on donning and doffing PPE and are supported by our Infection Prevention and Control team for all isolation needs.

The Ontario government and the Federal government are looking into ways to re-process masks and other personal protective equipment and we have been directed to keep all used PPE that is not damaged in the event that an effective system for re-sterilization that ensures the masks and PPE are safe to use is developed. 

We are not allowing homemade or external masks in the hospital as we cannot ensure the quality, cleanliness or use of proper hygiene practices for these products which if not done correctly can pose added risk to patients and staff.


What is social distancing?
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